Neutral Willow Hoop


This pretty willow hoop in neutral tones and natural textures will sit pretty on any wall.


Made using dried and preserved eucalyptus, dried natural stipa grass stems, dried cotton balls, dried and preserved bleached ruscus, dried natural bunny tails, dried linum and various other neutral toned small dried flowers.  


Made using a handmade 25cm willow hoop, from another UK small business. 


All hoops are made to order and use natural products so there will be some variation, making them individual and special to you.

Your blooms are as natural as they were when they were fresh! This means that whilst we strive for consistency, each stem is unique and there may be some variation to colour and size, or we may need to substitute stems due to seasonal availability. Trust us though...we promise they will still be just as beautiful!

Neutral Willow Hoop

SKU: 008
  • To keep your blooms lovely for longer, follow the below simple care tips:

    • Keep them out of direct sunlight
    • Place them upright in a vase
    • Store them in a cool dry area
    • Fluff your grasses every so often to keep them full
    • Refrain from getting them wet