Dried Pampas Grass, Fluffy, 110cm Plume approx 50cm (Cortaderia)


These beautiful stems will make a beautiful statement in any room! 

Pop them in vase an enjoy the colour and texture.


Natural Colour

Stem length approx 110cm

Plume approx 50cm 


Packaged with delicate tissue paper and protected with brown kraft paper, your blooms will arrive safely to your door!


Included with each bunch of blooms is also a handy care guide with some tips to help keep your blooms lovely for longer. 


With the option to add a hand-written gift note, these make the perfect gift for any occasion.


Please note your blooms are as natural as they were when they were fresh! This means that whilst we strive for consistency, each stem is unique and there may be some variation to colour, or we may need to use a substitution to create the best bunch of blooms for you. Trust us though...we promise they will still be just as beautiful!


Price is per stem





Dried Pampas Grass, Fluffy, Natural, 110cm Plume approx 50cm (Cortaderia

  • To keep your blooms lovely for longer, follow the below simple care tips:

    • Keep them out of direct sunlight
    • Place them upright in a vase
    • Store them in a cool dry area
    • Fluff your grasses every so often to keep them full
    • Refrain from getting them wet